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Stratus Applications Web Ltd. is an international company with offices in London, NewYork and across Russia

We only work with smartest and most efficient web programmers from Russia who are able to provide outstanding quality and responsive workflow. During the last 10 year we created leading products in: * online banking, * social marketing, * medicare software solutions, * social networking and * internet marketing. Having that much experience in these areas we can afford to build literally any level of trust and security with our web systems and software products.

web design, development, deploy & support
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customer relation & enterprise planning solutions
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online banking integrations & crypto currencies
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social media marketing & internet marketing tools
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Rich Technology Pool and Large Development Teams

As long as we specialize on web developments for the last 10 years we've been using literally every programming language and existing web technologies at least twice in our projects.

Currently we provide services for building Comprehensive Customer Relation Services and Enterprise Solutions for mid-sized and large businesses. Our software solutions turns business process and paperwork into a money making machine exactly the way the proper business should be.

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Top Reviews

Michael Bloom,
Silverstone Classic Racing:
We have been working with Stratus Applications for the last 6 years and believe they are by far the most professional web developers we have ever worked with. Our requests are always answered within the hour. They never missed a deadline and always come up with extremely professional solutions to any of our problems. We cannot possibly recommend them enough!

by Oliver King,
Managing Director, Z-Three:
Our involvement with Stratus Applications started 6 years ago when we realised that our off the shelf stock and sales system was holding us back. We wanted a solution that fitted our business, that could evolve as we went from start-up to growth phase, and that could be supported to a high standard. We also demanded a system partner that would let us focus on our business, while they ran the cloud applications that kept us productive and growing. The good news for us was we struck gold with Stratus Applications; rather than holding us back, our systems are now a source of competitive advantage.

Why to choose Stratus Applications Web Ltd for the purpose of software- or web-development

We are experienced, accurate and always on time

Using specially designed software every task on every project is automatically seeked, observed and tested

Our expertise in Social Media & Marketing gives you a free bonus

We have a separate department that works on internet marketing tools and software kits. Those guys are real experts in social media

We stick to international software development standards

ISO/IEC 12207 Software life cycle processes are applied to our workflow which guarantees high quality programming and testing

We work with all possible electronic devices

Our highly trained professionals can develop for literally any device or connection type. Software that fits well on all devices becomes your benefit

Give us a call on +44 (0) 2032 865 280

Or feel free to contact us with the blue button below! At Stratus Applications Web Ltd we are always happy to talk to potentianl clients and to help understanding your technical solutions.

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If you're looking for a job in software industry then that's the reason to call us too! We're currently looking for:

  • HTML/CSS Programmers
  • PHP/MySQL/Javascript Developers
  • Website Design and UI/UX Professionals

If you think you're a good for this kind of job please feel free to send us email on